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About Us

BridgeLife organises holidays, festivals and develops software all focused on the fascinating game of Bridge. All our products and services are aimed at giving a memorable and satisfying experience to bridge lovers from all around the world. Using the latest technologies, we find better solutions at lower cost, providing the best value for money. Our team consists of dedicated bridge players, inspired to make the world of Bridge a more exciting place so a wider variety of people can enjoy the benefits of our great game. If you have any suggestions on how to improve our projects or you've got your own bridge-related project and want to get friendly advice from our team, please, get in touch with us.



Republic of Bulgaria

Ministry of Tourism

Registration Certificate № РК-01-7826

for TOUROPERATOR activity

issued to: BridgeLife Ltd.

UIC 204872076

Date of issuing: 13.02.2018

“Tour Operator’s Responsibility” insurance policy



45 Dimitar Hadzikotsev,
fl. 1, ap. 2 Sofia,
1421 Bulgaria



45 Dimitar Hadzikotsev,
fl. 1, ap. 2 Sofia,
1421 Bulgaria

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